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Which Sensor Tap Should You Choose?

Health and hygiene are some of the most important factors nowadays. People are becoming more health-conscious day by day. The hygiene starts from your hands, they carry a minimum percentage of bacteria and germs to your body when you touch your mouth or eat something with dirty hands.

So make sure that you clean your hands properly before doing something. Washing them with soap and water properly for more than 30 seconds is the most effective way to get rid of the dirt that is present on your palms.

When you visit any commercial place or go to a hospital you need to wash your hands with tap water and that tap is touched by so many people visiting there consisting of so many germs.

The soap that is kept for use also includes germs as they are touched by a number of people with unclean hands, therefore a better option is to keep hand washes rather than soap. They have a pleasant fragrance and a little drop of handwash is enough to wash your hands.

Looking forward to healthy living these days a range of sensors and automatic taps are available in the market. They have the ability to work from batteries and electricity having touchless and sleek designs. They are placed at washbasins and restrooms giving a proper level of satisfaction to the user.

Nowadays people like to opt for some stylish and fancy washroom accessories with some modern technology making it easier to use. Like, you don’t need to touch the sensor taps for using water, just put your hands below the tap and the water will automatically start running and you can properly wash your hands after that it stops as soon as you take off your hands.

Why Sensor Taps are Better Than the Regular Ones?

The regular taps need to be touched every time you want to use them and they are used by so many people in a single day. Whether you are visiting a restaurant or working at the office you need to wash your hand’s plenty of time. But what if you get an option to get water without touching or opening the tap? It will be a great option if you fix an automatic or sensor taps in bathrooms and washbasins.

When your hands are oily or greasy then it becomes difficult to open the tap and if you open them with dirty hands then the tap gets dirty. For these reasons, sensor taps are far better than the normal taps. Just take a drop of hand wash and keep the hands under the tap to get them clean.

Placement of Taps

These taps can be easily mounted at basins and walls of bathrooms. They are easy to install and work with batteries and electricity giving you a touchless option. Before placing the tap make sure that the pipes and basin are properly clean so that no dust particles go in the tap and it helps the tap to work efficiently.

The ones that run with batteries should be checked timely and their batteries should be changed at the perfect time. The power supply to the electric sensor taps should be checked on time and if you are cleaning the tap then you should turn off the power and then clean it with proper precautions.

Different Designs

They are available in a wide variety of designs that can be chosen according to your choice and preference. Round and square are the most commonly chosen shapes of a tap. Some of them are double water feed models that provide cold and hot water at the same time so that you can use whichever temperature of water you want.

Every model supports different battery voltage and power supply units. Some of them support a 3V battery and some of them support 6V battery making minimum usage of water consumption that saves wastage of water and stops water from flowing for a long time.

Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing for an Automatic Tap

The most important thing while getting the tap is that you should know which size and shape are preferable. There are a variety of basins found in different sizes and shapes so if you are taking them then you should choose the one that is favourable for your basin design.

Round taps will go well with round basins, you just need to fix them at the proper place. Another thing to take care of is that when you are getting an electric tap fixed then you should check that the power supply is turned off so that you don’t get an electric shock while placing it. You can opt for some premium designs giving an attractive and elegant look.

Places Where These Taps are Commonly Found

These taps should be installed at places where a number of people visit in a single day. Some of the common places are listed below.


The most common place where you will find these taps are hotels, motels and restaurants. The restrooms here and rooms of the hotel have sensor taps installed that show the goodwill of the place and make it convenient for the customers to use.


You will find them at airports too. The restrooms of the airport usually have automatic taps with sleek and fancy designs that make it easier to use and you don’t have the fear to touch the tap after or before washing the hands.


There are a number of medicines and drugs used in a hospital that when touched by someone can harm them. So it is very much preferable for hospitals and clinics to use sensor taps for better convenience and safety.

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