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Apps that turn your phone into a mobile office

The arrival of mobile applications allows mobility; they are made available to you to improve our quality of life. We have seen that certain health applications exist to make our lives easier. Now, we can also take advantage of mobile devices to transform your smartphone into a mobile office thanks to certain applications. How do you get there? You may have noticed that many managers and entrepreneurs spend their days glued to a laptop, tablet, or phone. This is because it is possible to run your business and do most of your daily work from these mobile devices. All you have to do is turn your office into a “mobile” and online space. It is not an easy task at first, because changing all the working methods you currently have to convert it to digital is going to take time. But by introducing a few mobile apps and doing it bit by bit, you will have time to get used to it and see positive results.

Benefits of turning your smartphone into a mobile office

You are probably wondering why it’s better to have a mobile office, why do you have to change the way I do things. First of all, you should make this change only if you want to and think it will be beneficial for your business. Remember that an enterprise application can also be a solution for your organization.

Freedom of movement

By transforming your smartphone into a mobile office, you can move around freely. In other words, you can work from anywhere. Whether in transport, at home, in the office or in the cafeteria, you stay connected. Your office will be where you are, which is why dozens of companies are betting on mobility.

Work from different devices

Working with mobile applications often allows you to access your data from multiple devices. This is another of the advantages of a mobile office. In other words, working in the cloud is fundamental.

Hourly availability

You will have the possibility to work outside the agreed hours. With globalization it is essential to stay connected and available at all times, this advantage is essential. Your international business will benefit.

Facilitates the search and storage of documents

The absence of paper documents (except those that are really necessary) will facilitate the search for documents by a simple search on the device. It will be simpler, more organized, and take up much less space than physical documents, which require more care and more space for organization and storage. Numerous applications make business management easier.

Cost reduction

It is clear from the previous point that the development of mobile applications will lead to a reduction in office costs.

Applications to transform your smartphone into a mobile office

We have put together a list of the Maven Digital Dubai mobile app development that will help you turn your smartphone into a mobile office.

Scanner applications

Scan the documents you need to send or save as a file to your database. The truth is, you can’t always have a scanner or printer handy. You always need it when you least expect it, so having one in your pocket is always a good idea.

Cam Scanner

It is an excellent application for scanning documents. With it, you can edit your own image from within the app to adjust size and color and other image parameters. It is possible to send the image in .doc or .pdf, or send it to any other recipient.

Scannable Evernote

This is one of the best apps for scanning documents from iPhone. With this application, it is the device itself that detects documents with just a few clicks, whether it is a business card, an invoice, etc. It is compatible with a long list of cloud storage applications. A very useful option if you want to turn your smartphone into a mobile office.


With this app the same thing is practically happening although it offers initial and free storage of 10G, much higher than that of Dropbox and gives you more varieties of tariff plans with which you can get space and functions. Additional. Remember, your choice will always depend on the size of your business, your daily needs, and the price you’re willing to pay. It will not be the same if you want to transform the office of a start-up made up of 3 people than a large company in which a hundred people continuously upload files. There are a lot more mobile apps that can perform these functions, we have just indicated which ones we find most useful and work best, but remember there may be other tools that work well for you. So…. Do you know any that should be on this list that we skipped? Tell us about it on our social networks! And if it doesn’t exist, you can always create your own mobile app; just publish your app project on Yeeply.

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