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Building a Marketing Dashboard in Woocommerce with Ultimate Branding

Recently, Ultimate Branding has made some updates, which are pretty amazing. Today we are going to share the best features that anyone in any industry can use, and it allows you to create a custom dashboard in Woocommerce.

Whether you’re a developer, a marketing negotiator, a content author, or if you work on the business side, if you log into Woocommerce the first thing you’ll see is the dashboard. By default, it is something like this …

The standard Woocommerce dashboard view includes an overview, drafts, activities, upcoming events, and news on Woocommerce, as well as a greeting.

Now we figured out what they were going to do, and it’s good to have that information on hand. Knowing how many pages, posts and comments you have is so awesome. Viewing your recently published articles and comments is also helpful. Upcoming events and news in Woocommerce are a great way to build your network in Woocommerce, and there are a ton of great opportunities if you actually use it.

To be fair, we had almost ignored all of the content on this page every time we logged into a Woocommerce site. Because that was not where we received the news on WordCamps. Nor was it where we checked for new drafts, or reviewed recent comments.

And for a while we looked for a way to really focus as soon as we logged into Woocommerce. In fact, we already tried to develop an application once, then we realized that we didn’t have the mind to code. But, with Ultimate Branding, you didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

The information in this article is going to be author specific, but we can guarantee that if you are a business person, and see what we do, you can find ways to apply this information no matter what. what field you work in, whether you are a developer or a marketer.

The marketing dashboard for author sites

Identify leads, reviews, and press encounters with Ultimate Branding.

Granted, you probably can’t read all of this but just note that there are a lot of custom blocks out there right now. We will introduce you to the different sections below.
The idea is simple: your Woocommerce design dashboard could be an opportunity for your agency to showcase your overall marketing strategy so developers, marketers, content creators, and anyone with access to Woocommerce will immediately know who you are creating. what content, where are they hiding, who talks about things relevant to your business, and what kind of media you have gained as a result of your work.

Again, this is just one feature of Ultimate Branding, but it’s worth downloading as it can help anyone with access to your Woocommerce site understand your overall business strategy, or if not you are a solo entrepreneur, it is good to keep this info in mind from the second login.

Step one: Install Ultimate Branding now

It is not one of the free plugins , but you can get the installation with a free trial and download it. Just click on the dashboard tab in the sidebar of your Woocommerce site and click on the blue plus sign next to “Ultimate Branding”. Then click on “install”, then “activate”.

The WPMU DEV Dashboard in Woocommerce allows you to download all of their plugins. While you’re at it, you can come back and download all the other plugins to browse the WPMU DEV site for your free trial. They can even let you keep them if you cancel. Once you’ve installed and activated their plugin, you can find it in the left sidebar, probably towards the bottom under a tab called “Branding”. Click on it, and you’ll see a dashboard with multiple checkboxes that looks like this:

Ultimate Branding’s comprehensive suite of features allows any agency, freelancer, or any Woocommerce site to create an incredibly unique Woocommerce experience with over 30 customizations available.

Ultimate Branding’s comprehensive suite of features allows any agency, freelancer, or any Woocommerce site to create an incredibly unique Woocommerce experience with over 30 customizations available.

Customizing the Woocommerce dashboard area

Again, this article is only about four features of this plugin, but it was a unique set of features that we wanted to share ASAP. The full feature breakdown is just recently available.

Customize the Woocommerce dashboard by enabling feeds, footer content, text widgets, and greeting.

Once that is all done, you will see four tabs that appear at the top where you can start creating content. For what we did in our example, we literally only used two of these features.

Adding RSS feeds to your Woocommerce dashboard allows content creators and marketers to use Woocommerce as a dashboard to stay up to date.

Dashboard Feeds: This allows us to import RSS feeds from any site with an RSS link, including Amazon’s best sellers list, which should be available for any type of product, then a blog to which we are subscribed which is none other than China Daily because our novel is about China and we like to be up to date with everything that is happening in China.

Adding custom text to the Woocommerce dashboard is like adding a post or a page

Dashboard Text Widgets: This allows us to create any type of text or images. This is why we chose to create lists such as “perceived media”, “critic to contact”, “media and blogs to launch” and “communities to which you can target”.

The Ultimate Woocommerce Marketing Dashboard with Ultimate Branding

The end product is nothing less than context, but that means the second time we logged into our Woocommerce site, we knew what we wanted in terms of the individual communities, the competitors that we wanted to advertise the feeds coming from blogs that are relevant to the content we write in Woocommerce.

Add reviews, media results, and track top sellers that you can post to your Woocommerce dashboard

Totally customize your Woocommerce development dashboard to unify marketing and content creation with Ultimate Branding.

This means that the next time you log into Woocommerce, you’ll have some context for your website, and what you’ve been trying to accomplish. If you don’t have any clicks on a blog post, you can still have a track of who you may have been targeting for coverage, reviews, and you can even find out what your competition is selling directly on Amazon.

If you are part of an organization, or are a freelancer, this allows you to make sure that everyone involved in a Woocommerce website design project, no matter the vertical, communicates effectively and that the goals are clear to all departments.

And keep in mind that those who have registered on the WPMU DEV site can use Ultimate Branding, as well as all other plugins on an unlimited number of sites. So if you are a site owner and looking to improve your performance, configure reports, automate plugins, you can get it all.

You can try Ultimate Branding for free for a month, or check out free plugins for features that you can use on any site so you can adapt to this new app. And be sure to take a look at the full suite of features that Ultimate Branding has to offer.

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