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The Truth Behind 5 Google AdWords Myths

Myth #1.
ROI is untraceable with Google AdWordsGone are the days of taking risks with advertising. Companies want guaranteedresults and the stats to prove a good ROI.Same goes for Google AdWords. There is a lot of data to show just howprofitable Google Ads can be. When campaigns are set up with the rightparameters using all the tools the AdWords platform has to offer, marketers caneasily analyse the performance of each ad.From this information, they can make modifications to the campaign to improveperformance. These can considerablyimprove results. Maximizing your ROI ispossible with efficient data analysis.

Myth #2. Display Ads are a waste of money
The reality is that display ads only work with certain people. If display ads areshown to audiences who aren’t at all interested in your industry’s products andservices, they won’t be helpful. However, when communicating with masses
that are interested in buying your products, pictures can be worth a thousand
words. How to make sure your ads are displayed to the correct people? Invest intargeted campaigns and see how better display ads fare as compared to theothers.

Myth #3. AdWords campaigns cost a lot
Google Ads has a PPC System. Pay for each click your ad receives. If you launch your campaigns properly, each click is a potential customer. A click’s cost depends on the keywords you bid for. So, essentially campaigns can cost a lot only if you choose to. However, if you sensibly select the right keywords, targeting your audience becomes easy and the leads keep coming in. Sensible
targeting is a fundamental aspect of setting up a ROI-oriented AdWords campaign.

Myth #4. Internet Users Never Click on Ads
This is absolutely untrue. Most users will firstly find it hard to separate a Google Ad from an organic search result. Secondly, even if they are able to tell the difference, as long as that ad serves the purpose of providing the user with the information he or she initially searched for, he or she will most probably not care if the result is sponsored or not. Plus, recently Google has made a lot of changes to how their ads appear on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), making them more ‘click-able’ for users.

Myth #5. It Doesn’t Work
Lastly and finally it is time to clear up the biggest myth of them all – ‘Google AdWords doesn’t work!’ Of course, they do! Google Ads specialists do research and assess heaps of data to find what works best for your website and company. When implemented in an effective manner, AdWords campaigns can increase revenue generation (ROI) while simultaneously halving overall ad spend over the span of a year! Visit website to know more about the world of AdWords.

6 Benefits of Incorporating Custom Videos in Your Website
The demand for video content has been ever increasing. Ever since high-speed internet has been introduced, video content has risen in importance. Videos have an innate ability to appeal, engage and convey users to visit websitesor purchase products. Video content, especially customised videos appealing to a target audience has become critical to the success of websites and modern companies. Discussed below are 6 awesome benefits of incorporating custom videos in your website –

#1 Drive Traffic
Search engine algorithms are designed to be hungry for new content, and custom videos are on top of their menus. Every time a website adds video content, its search engine rankings are guaranteed to see an uptick. Marketers have devised nifty ways of multiplying these search engine bumps.Placetargeted keywords in the videotags, description and in the title – and a website will generate traffic due to increase in SERP ratings. Then if you create a channel on YouTube, upload the video to the channel anduse thesame keywords – search engine algorithms will show your website multiple locations. Also, there are no duplicate content issues in sharing the video on your social media profiles.

#2 Give Your Company a Unique Identity

Your goal as a business should be to stand out from your competitors and offer your customers something new and unique. Using customized videos (such as a tutorial video or a guidance video on how to use a product, service, etc.) is an excellent way of standing out and offering something to your customers that give your brand a better identity as compared to your competitors.

#3 Increase Your Overall Reach
By integrating your customised videos with your social media profiles, you can allowyour target consumers a chance to get familiar with your brand comfortably. If they like it, they can share the videos with their contacts. These videos will keep creating opportunities for themselves to go viral as long as they are useful and relatable.

#4 Clear Delivery of Messages
Custom videos are great at getting messages across to the masses, in a format they easily pick up. Although written content still has its own importance, video content is the language that the modern consumer understands the best.

#5 Stay Ten Steps AheadofYour Competition
Engaging in consistent video content creation has a compound effect on your brand’s internet status. If you dedicate your website to uploading helpful video content on a regular basis, you will soon establish a following.

#6 Encourage Return Visits
There’s something all well-made videos have in common –they encourage return visits for users. When users return to your website to check out a video, it becomes the perfect opportunity to expose them to new products, value propositions and inspire them to take certainpurchasing actions.

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