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What will 5G change for you?

Looks like you have now heard about the latest buzz in the technological and telecommunication world which is the 5G. The fifth generation of the mobile networking this is being introduced by the telecom companies and it is expected to make its appearance this by the end of this year. This technology is the edge cutting one that is going to revolutionize the world of connectivity and is sure going to bring more speed and more performance that the former 3G and 4G networks.

So you want to know all you can about the 5G networks? Then here we are to tell you about the 5G networks and the changes that it is expected to bring.

The 5G networks, as expected, are going to be far more speedy and efficient than the ones that we are using today. With the smart phones getting popular every passing day and with the smart devices being used across the world with more love, the need for the better networks is inevitable. As with the growing technology and the edge cutting technological devices are coming to the market, the need for the equally fast and well equipped network is necessary as well.

Since each wireless technology bring better and stronger internet and wireless connections, so it is expected from this one as well.

Better communications
The connectivity with the internet or the wireless networks would become far better and you could check that at TalkTalk Mobile, Phone & Broadband. Since the 5G technology could use the sim free phones, so you could go picking the sim only deals at my o2 to make sure you are not far behind from any other phone. One thing you should know that the phones that were serving the 4G ones would not support 5G, so you would require a new phone.

There are some obvious benefits that the 5G network is going to offer to you so let us have a look at them briefly to know more about this network then before.

Faster speed
We do not doubt that as for sure the new technology and new network is going to bring more speed for the operations. But how speedy would it be? Well we can explain that with an example. It is said that the 5G network is going to give speeds 10 times faster than that of the 4G networks, and that means that a high definition movies, that needed an hour to get downloaded with the 4G network, now requires less than a second to get downloaded with 5G technology. Amazing isn’t it?

No delays
Although the 4G technology has been very fast and it has given very good results as well, we still get a tiny bit of delay when we observe the bytes being sent and received for example in the live video. With the help of the 5G technology, the delay, as minimal as a micro second, would reduce to zero, making it possible for you to enjoy every movie, video or live feed without slightest delay.

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