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How To Use A Steam Iron | Best Guides For Buyer 2020

If you regularly take your clothes to the dry cleaners when the clothes need to be pressed, it might get expensive after some time. Not everyone can afford pressing clothes from dry cleaners. If your budget is limiting you, then you should be looking into buying a steam iron and get the same results as a professional. But the dry cleaners have a unique trick, which is that they use a dry iron instead of a steam iron.

Steam Iron VS Dry Iron:

Dry irons are not as typical as a steam iron. Most of the professional dry cleaners use a dry iron instead of steam one because a dry iron is easily able to get the wrinkles out of clothes. This is done because dry irons don’t produce any steam. With a steam iron, you usually glide over the clothes, but in case of dry iron, you need to hold the iron in one place.

It would help if you had a spray of water when using a dry iron. Still, a steam iron doesn’t require anything as a steam iron is continuously producing its own steam, which helps in moistening the clothes and makes ironing easier.

Tips on Using a Steam Iron:

If you want to learn how to use a steam iron correctly and press your clothes like a true professional, then you need to consider the following tips:

Sorting Clothes:

It would help if you sorted your clothes according to the temperature that is required for ironing. If you have to iron a silk shirt, then you need to make sure that the temperature stays around the desired value.


When we are growing up, we are taught that a circular motion is the best when ironing, but this is false information as it causes the clothes to stretch out. The best way to iron is to move it up and down.

Delicate Fabrics:

If you are ironing clothes made up of delicate fabrics, you should always wear a cloth to protect the material. It can be anything from a simple towel or a handkerchief.

Hanging Correctly:

After you have ironed your clothes, make sure to hang them upright. It is essential because it will make them wrinkle-free. Otherwise, you will start getting wrinkles again.

Creases in Clothes:

You might have encountered some instances where there is a crease in your clothes, and it is not going away. For removing it, you need to add vinegar in water and spray it on the crease. Moving the iron again on the crease will remove it.

Another great use of vinegar and water is that they can also be used on collars and underarms to keep the yellowish color away.

Reducing Ironing Time:

You can also use a smart trick and make the ironing time much faster. For this purpose, you need to place an aluminum foil over the ironing board. When you start ironing, you will heat the aluminum, and your clothes will get ironed from both sides simultaneously. For more information visit our website Best Steam Irons 2020 India.

Ironing isn’t the fanciest thing to do; instead, it is quite dull and boring. You can use the tricks mentioned above to make the ironing process faster and more efficient. In no time, you will be ironing like a pro.

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